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    Premium Clean Agent Fire Protection
    Dry Chemical Fire Protection

    Proven Dry Chemical Fire Protection
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    HalGuard™ Premium Clean Agent and MaxOut™ Proven Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

    Most automobile fires begin in the engine. Short circuits, leaking fluids and faulty fuel delivery systems are common causes. Fires can also start in exhaust system manifolds, catalytic converters and even brakes.

    Regular automobile maintenance is the best defense, but even a properly maintained vehicle is vulnerable in an accident. When a fire does strike, swift action is key. A quick blast of HalGuard™ or MaxOut™ fire extinguisher can mean the difference between a minor annoyance and a major catastrophe - on the highway or at the racetrack.

    H3R Performance offers a wide range of Halotron charged, portable HalGuard™ extinguishers. In addition to automotive use, HalGuard's clean properties make it ideal for protecting computers and other sensitive electronic equipment.

    H3R Performance offers four MaxOut™ dry chemical extinguishers. Besides automotive use, they are effective fire protection for boating (models MX250R/C/B and MX500R/C/B), the home, garage, or office.

  • Engineered Details
    • A. All metal valve construction
    • B. Easy to read pressure gauge
    • C. Locking pin protects against accidental discharge
    • D. Compact, easy to use handle
    • E. Premium quality steel cylinder
    • F. Single or double strap
    Steel Mounting Brackets

    Both MaxOut and HalGuard
    come with aviation quality
    mounting brackets, single and
    double strap steel bracket
    secures extinguisher in place.

    NHRA approved billet aluminum
    and universal seat
    are also available.