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  • March 10, 2008

    H3R Performance Premium Fire Extinguishers Now Available Through Keystone Automotive

    (Larkspur, CA) -- H3R Performance, Inc. announced today that Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. is the newest distributor of the company's premium lines of automotive fire extinguishers and billet mounting accessories. H3R Performance products are now available through four Keystone warehouses located in Exeter, Pa., Atlanta, Ga., Kansas City, Kan. and Corona, Calif.

    H3R Performance provides the automotive aftermarket with UL Listed fire extinguishers that are legal to sell in all 50 states, and are made in the U.S.A. H3R Performance's premium lines, HalGuard™ and MaxOut™, are available in chrome or red finishes, and give consumers reliable fire protection. Quick-release billet mounting brackets from H3R Performance are available in polished and brushed finishes and both flat surface and roll bar mounting options. They offer a more stylish look, greater versatility and are preferred by various race sanctioning bodies.

    Located in Exeter, Pa., Keystone is the largest specialty parts marketer in the world, supplying over 18,000 wholesale customers through a three hub, 24-satellite redistribution system.

    For more information on the H3R Performance phone 800-249-4289, or visit www.h3rperformance.com.

    For more information on Keystone Automotive Operations, phone 866-353-9786, or visit www.ekeystone.com.


    About H3R Performance

    H3R Performance, Inc., a member of the H3R family of companies, offers the automotive aftermarket high quality, USA-made, UL Listed fire extinguishers under the HalGuard™ and MaxOut™ brands. HalGuard™ “clean agent” extinguishers do not leave a messy residue. MaxOut™ is a reliable line of dry chemical extinguishers. Both are effective on flammable liquid fires and do not conduct electricity back to the operator – two important considerations when dealing with the types of fires most likely to occur in an automotive environment. HalGuard™ and MaxOut™ are available in a variety of sizes in rechargeable red or chrome–plated bottles. They sport high quality steel cylinders, all metal valve construction, and aviation–quality mounting brackets. H3R Performance also offers NHRA, NMRA and NMCA–accepted billet aluminum mounting brackets, as well as clean agent fire suppression systems for transport trailers and garages.

    The H3R Group of Companies includes: H3R Performance, Inc., H3R Aviation, Inc., the largest supplier of portable clean agent fire extinguishers to the aviation industry, and H3R Clean Agents, Inc., a major buyer, seller and recycler of clean agents to the fire protection and other industry.

    For Further Product Information, Contact:

    Chris Dieter
    Vice President, Marketing & Distribution
    H3R Performance

    For Further PR Information, Contact:

    Gary McCoy
    The Marx Group

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