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  • June 27, 2006

    H3R Performance Offers Automotive Repair Shops Residue-Free Fire Extinguishers

    HalGuard™ supplements existing dry chemical extinguishers to protect vehicles in their shop

    (Larkspur, CA) - Each day vehicle owners entrust their investments to automotive repair shops for help in diagnosing and repairing their vehicles. And they expect their car will be returned in working order and in the same physical condition. Countless news reports show that auto repair shop fires are common. HalGuard™ premium "clean agent" extinguishers from H3R Performance can help put out a shop fire without leaving the messy residue frequent with most fire extinguishers in use. It is especially helpful in protecting sensitive, under the hood and under the dash components. In addition, it provides valuable protection for expensive shop equipment such as electronic diagnostic tools.

    Available in 1.4 or 2.5 lb. rechargeable red or chrome-plated cylinder units, repair shops are using HalGuard™ as their first line of defense to supplement their dry chemical fire extinguishers that satisfy local fire regulations. H3R Performance also markets premium quality, rechargeable MaxOut™ dry chemical fire extinguishers in 1 and 2.5 lb. sizes.

    "A repair shop is in the business of maintaining and repairing vehicles," said Chris Dieter, vice president of marketing and distribution for H3R Performance. "I don't think any shop owner wants to pay his technicians to clean up a mess caused by a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Our HalGuard™ units can help a shop protect the vehicles sitting in their bays on a daily basis."

    Both MaxOut™ and HalGuard™ are effective on flammable liquid fires and do not conduct electricity back to the operator - two important considerations when dealing with the types of fires most likely to occur during repairs. All include high quality steel cylinders, all metal valve construction and aviation-quality mounting brackets.

    For more information on H3R Performance fire extinguishers, phone 800-249-4289, or visit www.h3rperformance.com.


    About H3R Performance

    H3R Performance, Inc., a member of the H3R group of companies, offers the automotive and heavy duty aftermarket high quality, USA-made, UL listed fire extinguishers under the MaxOut™ and HalGuard™ brands. The H3R group of companies includes: H3R Performance, H3R Aviation, the largest supplier of portable clean agent fire extinguishers to the aviation industry, and H3R Clean Agent Specialists, Inc., a major buyer, seller and recycler of clean agents to the fire protection industry.

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    Chris Dieter
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    H3R Performance

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