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    Mounting Fire Extinguishers from H3R Performance
    By Frank Rebelo  ·  December 6, 2018

    "Too often, one of the most overlooked items when kitting out your expedition rig is a good quality fire extinguisher. With various hazards, either vehicle-based or around camp, a fire extinguisher is a must-have safety item.

    Nothing will ruin a trip more than watching your rig burn to the ground, or worse be the beginnings of a wildfire. Just last year, in 2017, 88% of wildfires were caused by humans. A quality fire extinguisher is an investment into the safety of your life, your truck, or those in need that you might find on the trail."

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    UTV Action magazine

    By Tim Tolleson  ·   May, 2017

    "The MX250E fire extinguisher looks cool with its EVOS camo wrap and is quickly deployed by pulling the pin ring for the Extreme-Duty cage mount. The red pull-to-release flag makes the pin easy to find and pull, and the extinguisher canít be accidentally released without pulling the pin. We had no slop or rattles from the mount after many miles of rough terrain, and grime didnít bother the nylon-steel pin-mating surfaces."

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    Mustang Monthly

    How To: Fire Protection For Your Mustang
    By Mark Houlahan  ·   August, 2013

    "Having a fire extinguisher in the car could mean the difference between having your Mustang towed home and buying a replacement dash harness or sitting on the side of the road watching your Mustang go up in flames."

    "HalGuard/Halotron 1 is perfect for automotive use as it is designed to extinguish flammable liquids and electrical fires and is nonconductive."

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    HalGuard Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher
    Product Review
    Reviewed by Glenn Cope II  ·   July, 2013

    Many HPDE Events or Road Course Track days require an in car Fire Extinguisher. A California company, H3R Performance, makes a racing purpose Fire Extinguisher. It is purpose built for automotive and aircraft use.

    Their HalGuard unit contains Halotron 1 an electrically non-conductive clean extinguishing agent that rapidly turns into a gas. Thus not making a huge mess in your car or impairing your vision. Plus it's rated for oil, gas and electrical fires. Read more>>

    Vette Magazine

    Two C3 safety upgrades for the track
    Words | Photos by Jeremy D. Clough  ·   August, 2012

    … Another safety add-on that's required on many tracks is a fire extinguisher. I know the old joke that most Corvette fires actually start with the payment book, but if you haven't had a fuel leak in a shark, you probably haven't driven one very far.
    So far I've had leaks at the filter, the carb, the return, the pump, and the nitrous solenoid. They happen, and when they happen in a hot place like an engine compartment, fires can happen, too.

    What this means is you need an extinguisher that's designed to combat gasoline fires and mounted within easy reach of the driver seat. For my car, I selected a HalGuard 2.5-pound unit from H3R, a company that specializes in auto-
    motive extinguishers. Available from Summit Racing, the HalGuard comes in chrome, red, or black, and in 1.4-, 2.5-, and 5-pound sizes. It uses a "clean agent" (meaning it won't leave a residue) and is non-conductive, so you won't run the risk of frying your electronics when putting out a fire.

    Although the HalGuard extinguisher came with a dual-latch, stamped-steel mounting bracket, Summit also carries a billet-aluminum mount that fits on the bottle and slips into a separate bracket (either for a rollbar or a flat surface), where it's held in place with a pull pin. Since I intended to mount it to the front of the passenger seat, I went with the flat-surface bracket. Read more>>

    Wired Magazine

    Fetish: Fight Fires With a Chrome-Plated Knockout
    Reviewed by Christina Bonnington  ·  April 27, 2011

    On looks alone, the HalGuard HG250C fire extinguisher announces that it has little in common with that red cylinder languishing under the kitchen sink. (By the way, when was the last time you checked the charge on that thing?) This chrome-plated steel knockout is corrosion-resistant and holds 2.5 pounds of Halotron 1, an EPA-approved nonconductive liquefied gas. If that nest of plugs and wires under
    your desk catches fire, the HalGuard will put it out without frying the electronics. Halotron 1 also vaporizes almost instantly, leaving behind none of those sticky residues and lingering clouds of powder- and foam-based retardants
    —so it’s also great for kitchen fires. And since the HalGuard looks at home next to modern appliances, you can use the grooved bracket (optional, shown here) to mount it by your
    Sub-Zero fridge. Then you won’t accidently grab the Drano when you’re battling a fire. Read it on WIRED>>
    Photo: Dan Forbes

    H3R Performance HalGuard Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

    When it comes to anything motorsports related safety should always be a main concern. We spend thousands on components to enhance the performance of our vehicles and yet I can't tell you how many chinese "ricer style" fire extinguishers i've seen mounted to roll cages. Were all victims to cheaper solutions when it comes to certain stuff. These things are mass produced out of china with little or no quality control. Would you honestly trust that type of fire extinguisher to save your favorite offroad vehicle from burning to the ground? I know I wouldn't although I will admit I have run "cheapo" extinguishers in the past. Maybe they would have done the job, maybe they wouldn't. I never had to find out thankfully.
    In this articles I will be installing an H3R Halotron fire extinguisher & quick disconnect mount on our Project Rock Spider & Project Rhino. Finally a fire extinguisher I can put a little trust into.


    They Call Me “The Fireman”

    (February 2010) Well..not really, but during my career in the car business I have had a few of them caught fire. The first two were drag race cars. Fire came about as a result of too much fuel, too much timing and being in too big a hurry. Tried to fire engine and it fired all right... into a ball of flame.

    Fire Extinguisher Mounting Basics

    (February 2010) Fire extinguishers can be your best friend when a vehicle fire occurs, and everyone would agree that every vehicle should have at least one on standby for such worst-case scenarios. But, did you know that an unsecured fire extinguisher could cause more harm than good in some specific scenarios? If not properly stowed, a fire extinguisher can unintentionally discharge, causing temporary disorientation, or even worse, become a projectile inside the cab of the vehicle. A good example of this is during the event of a rollover. We've witnessed situations like this firsthand and know just how dangerous they can be. For that reason, we're dedicating this month's safety column to preventing such a scenario.

    MMF Tech - Project Snake Charmer, Part 19

    (September 2008) I've been accused of being a member of the safety police, but I'd rather have our readers be safe and prepared than injured or worse. Case in point - every vehicle I own has a fire extinguisher in it and the Roadster will be no different. Well, it'll be a little different, as we went for some bling since the extinguisher is so visible. The unit we installed is a HalGuard HG100C ($125.95) from H3R Performance. HalGuard is a clean-agent fire extinguisher that produces on mess when dispensed, doesn't create any visual impairment, and is EPA approved and rechargeable. The HalGuard product is perfect for protecting your classic or late-model car or specialty vehicle and looks great doing it.

    Safety Fast!

    (Volume 3, Issue 6 - 2008) We always carry fire extinguishers in all our cars, and there have been times they've come in handy. It's nice to be in a position to help someone who's having a car fire, so we wanted to find an appropriate bottle for the Survivor. Our friends at H3R Performance found just the right one for us. The bottle uses their proprietary "Halguard" clean agent instead of chemical dust. The trick chrome mini-bottle and billet mount fit in the Miata's trunk right up against the fuel filler bulkhead. Installing the billet mount was a snap. Read more >>

    Gadget Planet

    (March, 2008) H3R's HalGuard would make Tim the Tool Man proud and anyone else who finds comfort in chrome. The canisters are shiny and tough the way cars used to be and comes with a mounting bracket. Then there was the whole power-thing. It totally impressed us with a fast, far, and wide kick-out, looking mist-like for a split second before turning into a fog machine. Read more >>

    Project Vehicles: 2007 UA Jeep JK Wrangler

    The final days of completing any project truck around here are a mad scramble, and the Ultimate Adventure buildup is the biggest scramble of them all. Every year we try to get the rig started early with plans of building and testing it prior to the UA trip. But then we look at the calendar, realize we have more time than the previous year, and we add even more extravagant buildup plans. Read more >>

     "James and Jones also
     attached the HalGuard fire
     extinguisher to the cage.
     The HalGuard from H3R is
     handy for driver or spotter
     in case disaster strikes, plus
     it isn't damaging to
     electronics, is easy to clean
     up after using in case the fire
     is inside a vehicle, and is
     rechargeable. In addition, the
     HalGuard is rated for both
     gas and electrical fires, so it's
     great for your trail or tow

    H3R HalGuard Fire Extinguishers

    (March, 2008) According to the National Fire Protection Association, a car catches on fire once every two minutes. You'd think they'd just drop that car into a lake and be done with it once and for all, but the point remains that racers are even more vulnerable to the threat of fire, and not just on-track; in the pits, back in the garage, and even in your RV, a good fire extinguisher can be the difference between a dramatic tale of disaster averted and the end of your race program (and possibly your life). While many racers are well-prepared for an incident on the drag strip with a fire suppression system permanently installed in their car, and track crews can be relied upon to reach your vehicle in seconds, the same isn't true in the pits, where response time can run into several minutes at best. Because the danger of fire is well-understood, it's common to see consumer-grade dry chemical fire extinguishers in RV's, trailers, and shops. While they're certainly better than nothing, and do a good job on all kinds of fires, dry chemical extinguishers are their own special kind of hell to clean up, and the damage caused by the fine powder may rival that created by the fire in the first place, depending on how quickly it was put out. Read more >>

    Trick Safety

    (June, 2007) With all of the money, not to mention all of the extra electronics, we put into our rides, there's one area that just about all of us overlook. Simply put, what would you do if you had a small fire in your truck? Would it turn into a big one? Read more >>

    H3R Performance Adds Three Performance Warehouses as New Distributors

    (Jan. 31, 2008) H3R Performance has announced agreements with three new distributors to carry the company's premium line of HalGuard and MaxOut automotive fire extinguishers and billet aluminum mounting accessories. The three distributors, Day Motor Sports, 1st Performance Warehouse and Vehicle Specialties Inc., are members of the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA). Read more >>

    H3R Performance Expands Roll Bar Mount Offering for Off Road Market

    (Jan 26, 2008) - H3R Performance announced the expansion of its line of stylish solid aluminum billet mounting accessories that enable consumers to mount a fire extinguisher to flat surfaces or to roll bars. Brushed and polished finish roll bar mounts are now available for 2" and 2 ¼" diameter roll bars, in addition to the 1 5/8" and 1 ¾" sizes and flat surface mounts previously introduced. Read more >>

    H3R Performance touts HalGuard Fire Suppression System

    (Nov. 7, 2007) H3R Performance says its HalGuard Automatic Fire Suppression System -- which features a 'clean' extinguishing agent approved by the Environmental Protection Agency -- provides around-the-clock protection for transport trailers, garages or repair shops. The system consists of a steel cylinder charged with a nontoxic, nonconductive and noncorrosive clean agent gas, capped with one of four thermally actuated heads, according to the company; when the head detects an ambient temperature higher than its rating, the system activates to discharge the clean agent to flood the space with an inert and invisible gas, which extinguishes the fire. Read more >>

    H3R Performance Brings On Three Performance Warehouses as New Distributors

    (April 17, 2007) H3R Performance has announced agreements with three new distributors to carry the company’s premium line of automotive fire extinguishers sold under the HalGuard and MaxOut brand names. The three distributors, Murray’s Speed and Custom, Performance Warehouse/Baxter Auto Parts and National Performance Warehouse, are members of the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA). Read more >>

    H3R Performance Fire Extinguishers was named #2 in the magazine's top 100 Hot Auto Products for 2007.

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    Research Shows One Vehicle Fire Occurs on Average Every Two Minutes

    To help owners protect themselves and their passengers, H3R Performance offers a complete line of premium UL listed fire extinguishers and NHRA-approved billet aluminum mounting accessories. HalGuard “clean agent” extinguishers are a unique new offering that does not leave a messy residue. Read full story >>

    Time For A New Fire Extinguisher?

    (Dec. 28, 2006) We’ve all seen the reports: A fire breaks out in the garage of a home in Anytown, with the contents being written off as a total loss. Mr. Smith had been working on his coveted two-door Widget when a spark ignited a canister of flammable liquid. Read more >>


    Automotive Fire Extinguishers: What's The Big Deal?

    According the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), U.S. public fire departments responded to an estimated 266,500 highway-type vehicle fires in 2004. These fires claimed 520 lives and caused $969 million in direct property damage. NFPA estimates that one of every six reported fires (17 percent) involves a highway-type vehicle and 13 percent of all civilian fire deaths. On average, more than 30 highway vehicle fires were reported per hour in 2004, and more than two-thirds of highway vehicle fires resulted from mechanical or electrical failures or malfunctions.


    "Clean agent" fire extinguishers protect equipment.

    H3R Performance has introduced HalGuard "clean agent" fire extinguishers that can help put out a shop fire without leaving the messy residue from most fire extinguishers currently in use, the company says. Read more >>